December 8th, 2008

I presented two different topics at this year’s TIES conference.

Someone’s Being Mean Online: How to Help with Everything from Disagreements to Cyberbullying focused on online harassment issues. Rather than focusing on specific tools, this presentation took a step back and looked at broader issues, including communication skills that can help teens and adults avoid problems in the first place. My handouts are available on the TIES wiki.

Virtual Immersion: Online Multiplayer Games and What They Teach talked about what MMORPGs are, and some of the skills they can develop. I discussed in-game economics, documentation of and communication about the game, team work and leadership skills, statistics and theorycrafting, creative arts, programming, and time management, among others. My notes are available on the TIES wiki as well.

In both cases, my PowerPoint slides are simple, and don’t lend themselves to reading without narration – but I’m glad to share them if they’re of interest. Just send me an email!

March 12th, 2008

A presentation for a parent to parent night at my current workplace, focusing on online literacy and safety issues. Four of us (our instructional technology specialist, our middle school and upper school counselors, and me) discussed different kinds of technology, different concerns, and then took questions from the audience.

We handed out the What People Do Online handout, created for the previous presentation, as well.

February 18th, 2008

A presentation at a friend’s workplace (where they are working on a Web 2.0 project involving health care experiences and comments), on what people do online. The presentation talked about what people do  online, why it’s engaging to them, and what things to be aware of.

My slides for this are up on the web (though I use a minimalist slide presentations: I’m glad to discuss details with anyone, however.)

One of my handouts for this presentation was What Do People Do Online, which outlines some common activities, and gives some examples of different kinds of sites.

December 11, 2007

A presentation at TIES 2007 (Minnesota’s Technology in K-12 education conference) on Navigating the Maze: Online Networking Site Policy.

This covers how to work with site policies when dealing with problems on online networking sites, understanding why some of those policies exist (and why they sometimes don’t make a lot of sense from the outside), and what site users, parents, and educators, can do to help if they have problems or concerns.

Notes and PowerPoint file available on request, but there’s a lot of information in my head about this topic that’s not in the notes.You can see my comments and notes over at my former blog. You can also read my comments on other presentations I attended.

March 2007:

Presentation to the Collection Development class, taught by my older sister, at the University of Wisconsin Madison MLIS program, on collection development issues involving minority religious communities (and minority communities in general).


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