Thursday (a day late) cookies

Cookies happened on Thursday, but posting didn’t.

This week’s cookies were Browned Butter Brown Sugar cookies – it involves a bit of looking after very hot butter carefully, but is actually very easy otherwise. I made my cookies smaller than indicated (since smaller cookies in larger numbers are a good fit for my tea and cookies plan), and overbaked them a little, so they were crisp all the way through. (Still good, just next time I do these, they’ll be baked a little less.)

This week’s resources were a selection of our magazines – we just got our annual renewal notices through EBSCO, and I want to see what changes might make sense.

I’m also shifting modes for a bit this weekend. As I think I mentioned somewhere, my current position (replacing my former boss) is an interim one: it’s school policy to have an open search for this kind of position. My interview is almost all day on Monday, and several hours on Tuesday, which means I will not be getting most of my regular work done – but also means I need to spend my time this weekend prepping for those conversations, and for the example presentation on plagiarism I’m giving to a group of students

I’ve got a pretty good idea what I want to do – it’s just pulling the pieces together now and making sure everything’s organised and ready to go on Monday morning.

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