Thing 24: Blogs I read

(These are not all the blogs I read. These are the ones that I think might be of interest to readers here/in my professional life. Just so we’re all clear …)

Library & technology related:

  • Jessamyn’s has great links, commentary, and other useful things about library and technology of the day.
  • danah boyd focuses on technology (and especially social networking sites) and teens at apophenia
  • Our IS group worked with David Warlick at the start of this school year, and I’ve been reading his blog ever since. Good comments about technology and education.
  • And for fun, Unshelved and Shelf Check, both library comics.

Authors and writers:

  • Wil Wheaton
  • Laurie King (who is currently doing some fascinating things with Twitter and various other technologies in preparation for her upcoming book launch.)
  • Neil Gaiman‘s blog
  • Dear Author (while I read only the occasional romance – I’m much more about SF and mysteries as genres – I really like their comments on publishing industry, fan community, and a number of other things.)

And finally,, which has a number of fascinating people writing intriguing things. Elizabeth Bear got me hooked on watching the TV show Criminal Minds through her comments about characterisation on her personal journal: she’s now writing more thematic analysis for the Tor site. Jo Walton is a long-time friend, and anything she writes, I’m interested in reading. And so on and so forth. Lots of intelligent conversation about SF, fantasy, culture, community, and just plain cool stuff.

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