Thursday Tea and Cookies

Today’s cookies are chocolate dipped lavender cookies (though I’ll admit here that they spread a lot more than intended: I realised after baking that I’d left out half a cup of flour. Oops. They still taste fantastic, though.)

To go with them, I pulled together eight books on the English language – titles like Woe is I, and Eats Shoots & Leaves, and The Grouchy Grammarian as well as books on how idioms develop.

2 Responses to “Thursday Tea and Cookies”

  1. katknit Says:

    Glad you liked the recipe! Thanks for visiting. This is a lovely blog and I’ll come on over often.

  2. modernhypatia Says:

    The cookies have been getting rave reviews already (including people who aren’t familiar with lavender in baked goods.)

    Thank you for the recipe, and for the comment!

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