Thursday Tea & Cookies

Today’s cookies were based on another recipe I found via the Smitten Kitchen: the Slice and Bake Cookie Palette.

In this case, they have a 1/4 cup of cocoa powder (replacement for some of the flour) and 2 tsps of orange extract. They came out with a truly lovely and fine texture (but not too crumbly), but not very orangey. (In a future batch, I am contemplating either more orange, or maybe something like dipping half of them into chocolate ganache and setting them on wax paper.)

Anyway, they made a number of people happy on a bitterly cold and miserable day. (it was -20 when I left for work, and our high was -6. Farenheit. Fortunately, tomorrow, we’re supposed to get into positive numbers again.)

Today’s resource was our new Global Issues in Context database, which Gale launched in mid-December. It combines current events, historical background, primary sources, reference material, and a number of other resources (including videos and podcasts), and I’m really liking what I’ve seen with it so far.

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