blog: Curious Expeditions

One of the blogs I’m glad I stumbled across is called Curious Expeditions: Traveling and Exhuming the Extraordinary Past.

A title like that is a lot to live up to – but this blog explores all sorts of fascinating collections, places, and stories. Some posts are short – a photo and a paragraph or two. Some are far longer – a detailed look into a particular area or topic. They usually include a collection of further links to explore more if you’re curious.

Some of my favorite posts:

  • A whale of a meal – about whaling in colonial New England, and about the use of whale meat in food. (And the interesting question – was whale served at the first Thanksgiving?)
  • Octagon houses – just what it sounds like, building a house shaped like an octagon rather than a square or rectangle.
  • Ravens – because, really, what’s not interesting about ravens?
  • Pneumatic tubes used to move messages through New York City.
  • Also, New York has geysers (well, due to the pressure when drilling deep underground). Who knew?
  • And finally, about the crypt under St. Stephan’s cathedral in Vienna. (I got to see the cathedral when I was there over Christmas of 2006, but didn’t see the crypt.)

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